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Original Japanese and Western tableware

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About Us

Plantan Yamada Co., Ltd.

Head Office

1-1 Kawamuracho, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya Japan
Tel: (052) 758 5432
Fax: (052) 758 5435

China Branch

Shiozhou, Guangdong Province

Representative Director

Toshi Yamad

Products handled

    • ceramics manufacturing and sales
    • sales of flower materials
    • manufacturing and sales of ceramic raw materials
    • import and sale of black tea

– Beautiful dining table with carefully selected designs –

We have prepared a lot of tableware of the design of the commitment considering the dish to be served. It stands out from a variety of cuisines and desserts to make it the best dish.

You will surely find the perfect tableware for your image.

– Tableware connecting the shop with customers –

In addition to its high design, our tableware has many functional features.

Once you use it, you will be caught up in its charm.

Japanese tableware made of ceramics, luxury goods produced in mass production factories, kappo, Japanese restaurants, inns, tableware used in hotels. We always stock 2,000 Made in Japan products with more than 30,000 items handled such as tableware with one rank higher level.
Pottery and Japanese tableware Art East official site. High-quality Japanese tableware for ryotei can be sold in small lots. Not only those who operate Japanese restaurants, but also the house is welcome. We will also ship to overseas. Please purchase heavy Japanese tableware at the online shop to take it home.