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It can be used for opening new stores and replacing tableware.
Experienced personnel will carefully respond to suggestions for items that match your image, such as dishes and cups that match the restaurant and dishes.
We also accept the creation and name of the shop’s original tableware.
Please feel free to contact us.

Items that make purchasing fun

You can enjoy it from the time of purchase with a wide selection.
Please leave the important tableware selection that connects the shop and the customer.

Items that follow the image of the shop

It is also possible to make items of your desired design and name case of the shop.
Just by entering the name of the store, the sense of luxury and brand power will be improved.
Tableware is also part of the dish. We will help you find your favorite tableware.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any tableware or pottery you are looking for.

Secure checkout

We will keep in mind the transaction that all customers can feel safe and satisfied.
Please feel free to contact us about the number of lots and quantities ordered.
Please contact us once as it may change depending on the relationship between inventory and manufacturing.
If you are in a hurry, please contact us.

Fun to choose

Shopping for ceramic tableware requires the enjoyment of looking at many products, combining them with cooking, and thinking about visitors. Art East shopping sites are a great way to see. All japanese-made ceramic tableware, japanese tableware, Chinese tableware and Western tableware are available. I’m sure you’ll find the tableware you’re looking for.
~ Meet the best tableware to care for your precious customers ~

Do you have the image that commercial tableware is “simple and easy-to-use standard tableware”? Not only white tableware and simple glasses, which have been standard in recent years, but also individuality according to the style of the store and the space inside the store. The number of shops that sell tableware that you can feel is increasing.
In addition to serving food and drinks at cafes and restaurants, we also have a large number of recommended items for hospitality when visiting from all businesses, such as hair salons, hairdressing and beauty businesses, and hotel inn accommodation businesses.


Pottery, ceramics, pottery

Pottery is called ceramics or pottery and pottery.
There are fun Japanese tableware, Japanese tableware, practical Chinese tableware, Chinese pottery, white Western tableware, not business tableware and business tableware, traditional tableware and kappo tableware of materials, strong school lunch tableware and school tableware.


Our shop is a ceramics and ceramic raw material manufacturer founded in 1917.
You can choose from 30,000 items of Japanese, Western and Chinese ceramics. In addition to shipping to Japan, we will deliver it to all over the world.




In addition to Japanese cuisine, we offer a variety of dining scenes such as Chinese, Western, and kaiseki cuisine, as wel